Sunday, 20 September 2009

Espana - Barcelona

After a night on the bus, tired and feeling the effects of a cold, I reached Barcelona, and then had to work out how to get to my hostel from the bus station, which I managed, without being mugged or pick-pocketed. The hostel unfortunately was a rather busy one, so it was a slow process to get my sheets (the top one I had to pay for, I wouldn't have bothered, but because I had the makings of a cold decided I better). I then proceeded to have a sleep. Later on, I had a walk around the local environs, checking out some of the weird architecture, before returning to the hostel for a well earned sleep.
The Bull Ring.

The next day I got up and hung out with some Americans for a little bit, as we were all deciding where we were going to sight-see. We decided to go our separate ways, I had got a map, and circled all the sights I thought looked interesting, and then looked at how I could visit them in a logical order using the metro system. This worked reasonably well, although there was a case where I travelled to the next sight, to discover I could have walked from the last one faster. I was rather proud that I managed to see all I wanted to see in Barcelona in little more than an afternoon.
Arc de Triumf - I actually came here several times as it was very near the bus station that I arrived at, and left from.
Not exactly sure what this one was called, but on Facebook two Australian friends have made lewd comments about what it looks like.
Temple of the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi - different, but I wouldn't exactly say its pretty.
The following day, after getting up, I did some final sightseeing, checking out Colombus' column (he he) and the Arc de Triumf again, before boarding the bus to France - just after lunch, as I was over night bus travelling. Fortunately this was a comparatively short trip. I kept on wondering if we were in France yet or not, but that question was finally answered when we passed through what would have been in the past the customs point, marked simply with a EU flag and the Tricolour flag, and the word France (which strangely was in English)

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