Monday, 29 March 2010

Chuck it in Second

So, Back again...

Yeah the next day I did go to the Egypt night - albeit a little jaded, having found out 5 minutes before I was about to leave that I wasn't required on my campaign anymore, ie, don't come back on Monday.

Anyhow, the Egypt night was good, some free food, good talk, and some socialising.

The next day was the Travel show - I basically spent the whole day there, mainly to hear all the different talks, including one from a guy who wrote a 'bucket list' of 100 things, and was ticking them off. I also booked a tour to Normandy (for this weekend - Easter) and got a discount, which was all good. Having thought about Egypt from my discussions on the Tuesday night with the TopDeck people at the travel buddy evening - I spent time at work (between calls) researching the different companies offering tours there, and Croatia, and was considering booking a tour then too, but due to the uncertainty and renewed lack of job, I didn't - not all was lost of course, as the research was more valuable than the discounts. I didn't score as many freebies this year, and it seemed a bit claustrophobic.

Sunday was the free spit roast at the Redback - it took a while for it to be ready, but once it was, it was totally worth the wait. I got talking to some South Africans and a Brit, and hung with them for the night.

The following week I got 3 days work from my agency, helping a disabled lady with her administration work. It turns out she was someone my sister had worked for, 2 years earlier. She was nice, and one of the days we attended a conference at the Government Office of London, which had some good views (although the seminar was as boring as paint drying). The following day was 4 hours work, but basically just attending the opening of a new kitchen.

On the Friday night I went to the opening of a new bar in Embankment, called Opal. The problem being, when I looked it up on the net before leaving, it told me it was in Westminster, so I spent over an hour traipsing around there looking for it, even going so far as asking the staff at New Scotland Yard (yes the famous cop shop) if they could help me find it. Eventually worked out with the help of Bev at home on the internet, where it was.

Saturday I didn't get up to much... Sunday Bev and I caught up with a friend from our Turkey trip.

Monday I worked again for a day. Tuesday I found out Toyota wanted me back on Thursday, Wednesday I went for an interview near Tower Bridge, so afterwards I had a Salt Beef sandwich (ie what we would call Corn Beef, but over here corn beef is spam - I think I've mentioned this before) and then did Tower Bridge (ie went up inside it and across the walkways at the top) and Monument (the monument to the Fire of London in 1666)- something that's been on the list for a while. On that topic - I have been reading a book lately where the author travels around the streets on the board in real life - he happens to mention Pudding lane - where Monument is - however points out that it's name isn't anything to do with dessert, rather the fact when the Thames (the Sewer of the day) flooded... well you can guess the rest.

Thursday I was back at Toyota, Friday, ditto, but also managed an hour lunch to attend the free Temp's lunch my agency put on in Putney. That night I went to Couchsurfing party at Cannon Street - the idea behind it being you can practise languages, but naturally the language most spoken is English, as its the common denominator (and it is England).
Saturday worked, then went home and read probably 300 pages.
Sunday woke up, read, had lunch/Breakfast with Scott at the Indian place, did some shopping, went home, read some more, went to Suzanne's and used the internet, slept, and did it all again today...

So coming up next time on JT vs. World II - Normandy...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Marks & Spencers vs. Marx & Engels

Just an allusion to the observation I happened to make a little while back to myself - that I can see how London inspired Karl Marx to write the communist manifesto - as at that time it was at the height of, and the centre of the industrial revolution, and even now, working for £7/hour with no job security conditions have seemingly not changed so much (that's a gross exaggeration, but I had to have a witty title, and then justify it.)

So since last time...

I went to a 'meet up' group - a group of randoms, who are invited through a website to go to various things. This was the first I could actually make (at least had the energy to go to) - it was at the STA travel office in Piccadilly, basically talking about Thailand, which was interesting, especially because it was all about the part I didn't get to. A friend was also there, and we had a good catch up, and enjoyed the free beer and snack food (Thai themed - even down to the Tiger beer).

The next night I went to a Cashflow club meeting - Cashflow being the game that Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad et al fame invented. Fun, and actually made me think hard etc.

On the Saturday, after work, Suzanne and I decided that a mission to East London was in order to enjoy some Corn Beef (or as it's known here - Salt Beef - corn beef here is spam). It ended up being a 4 hour round trip, but it was tasty, and I got to spend some quality time with her, so it was all good. That night I went and had some drinks with some friends.

The following week doesn't seem to have been all that busy according to my diary, but I'm sure it's lying. The latter part of the week I did some overtime while it was available, Saturday working until 5, which was also the day my roommate left for Truro in Cornwall. I was looking forward to having my own room for a little while, however late Saturday night found they had replaced him pretty promptly.

Sunday I went and celebrated the above mentioned friend's 40th birthday with him, Suzanne, Bevan and other mutual friends at a Italian restaurant on Bond street, which was nice.

This week then, Tuesday went to a travel buddy night courtesy of TNT and Top deck - which was good, mainly just chatted to the girls sitting next to me, and enjoyed the free beer. Also discussed a little with the Topdeck people about a possible trip to Egypt.

Wednesday, yesterday, went and played cashflow again.

Tomorrow night - attending an Egypt information night, then Saturday is the TNT travel show, which I spent the best part of a day at last year, (that was just reconnaissance and freebie collecting,) this time I actually have some travel deals in mind, so may be there even longer.

Sunday I duly noted there is a spit roast at the Redback on Sunday afternoon, so will try my best to make it there too. Next week also is St Patrick's day...

Not much else to report, slowly ticking off the to do list, sorting myself out so quiet times at work are productive, that sort of thing.