Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Avebury: Stone Fun to Snow Fun

The weekend after my job at the CPS finished, I joined Magical tours once again, this time to Avebury, and Bath, for the Christmas markets.Avebury is the less famous, yet slightly cooler and bigger brother of Stonehenge (which admittedly I never got to see to compare it to). Avebury was great, because you can walk around the stones, and it is massive - it is several circles, some inside another, and the biggest circle encapsulates the whole town.Some of the smaller stones, like this one, had been shaped. Others, were in their raw form.A stone hut in Avebury, and below, a frozen-over pond - which gives you an idea of how cold it was that day.Our walk around Avebury was concluded with a lunch at the local pub - the Red Lion, which I grinned at, thinking of the NZ beer - Lion Red. "We're all brothers, but come from different mothers..."From Avebury we hopped back on the bus, and headed to Bath. Along the way we participated in a "pub" quiz, the topics being Avebury and Bath. I'm pretty good at pub quizzes, but this one was very specific, so I didn't do so well. On an aside note, I was reading yesterday that quiz as a word came about, as an Irish guy had a bet with another, that he could make up a word, and spread it so it was known overnight. To do this, he paid lots of children to go around the town, and graffiti it in chalk everywhere.This door is the one into Bath cathedral. At Bath we just walked around looking at the markets, concluding with dinner at the Wetherspoons pub - I had the Christmas dinner, which was delicious.The following week I had Monday and Tuesday with no work, and then Wednesday & Thursday I worked, doing accounts payable for an I.T. recruitment agency - I was supposed to be there for a week, but then got another longer term job starting on the Monday, doing Accounts payable for a media company. The photos above and below are from Oxford street, which I took whilst on a date with Adessa.This particular day I think was after we had been to Hillsong's (church) Christmas service, where they put on their annual Christmas show/play - which was awesome, and very professional. The below picture, although silhouetted probably doesn't need much explaining.That job I started, took me right up to Christmas eve. The weekend before Christmas it dumped a whole lot of snow in London. Some of my friends ended up not being able to go away on part of their trip because of it, and I was praying that it didn't snow again before I went to Egypt. But in the meantime, me and Adessa had some great fun playing in and with it. Below is a picture from my back garden, looking at the Mosque behind my house - an unusual sight to see, a Mosque with snow on the top of it. Our snowman that we built, and below, an amorous snow angel. I had never made a snow angel before, so it was on the must-do list.As you can see, there were some massive icicles coming down from the roof, which worked well as arms etc for our snowman. That night, because I hadn't met her family yet, and hence couldn't spend Christmas with them, Adessa made the two of us an amazing British Christmas dinner - afterwards we tried to burn it off by trying to converting an old coffee table out the back into a sled. Unfortunately it didn't work, but still provided some entertainment.

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