Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Alternate Reality

So in trying to keep to what I said at the end of that last entry, here I am, with a post not written so retrospectively.

I left off at the beginning of May, the beginning of that week was much the same as always, Thursday however work put on a staff lunch, so the CEO could give everyone a briefing, which was nice as always.

Friday night I celebrated our six-month anniversary with Adessa, albeit on opposite sides of the world (hence the reason for the important internet business to be done). We achieved this with eating a similar dinner (pizza) and watching the same movie (Hitch) simultaneously, whilst on the phone with each other, it was nice.

Saturday night I went out to my mate Dave's for dinner. Sunday I went to a Couchsurfing event at the House on Hood (formerly the Loaded Hog) which ended up being quite fun and interesting - and randomly I met up with Chelsey - a girl I went to Primary School with.

The following weekend I went down to Waitara, to my friend Cheryl's 50th party. Cheryl was the director of two of the plays I was in back in Kaitaia in 2007 & 2008. I ended up having a good time, catching up, laughing, and eating extremely well (and even taking some home to enjoy for days to come).

The following Tuesday, my job at Pacific Aerospace came to an end - it had supposed to have been for 4-6months, but ended up less than 2, so I was admittedly a little dis-heartened. However, as it ended up, when I got home after my final day I found out I had my next assignment, starting Thursday at the head office of Te Wananga O Aotearoa in Te Awamutu, and at a rate $3 more an hour, so things looked up again. The other good thing was my agency awarded me 'Star of the Month' which included a certificate, an Easter egg, and two free movie tickets.

Ron & Rachel (who I was house sitting for) arrived back from their trip on the Friday or Saturday, so I decided it was best to move out on the Wednesday night, in preparation for my new role (as it would be easier to get to Te Awamutu from home).

So far it's been good - there are several people working there that I know from Tech, so its been a bit of a reunion.

Friday, I had my Graduation from the Wananga in Te Awamutu - for the Certificate in Te Ara Reo Maori I did in 2008. Sunday I had a catch up brunch with some old classmates, and later on went out to Dad's cousin's house to talk about and share our findings on our ancestors - something I've been spending a lot of my free time on lately - but have made lots of progress, including being able to trace one line all the way back to 1490. One of the best stories so far though, is the fact that with a small bit of investigation, I discovered that a kiwi guy I had randomly met at my local pub in London, whilst watching the rugby - and subsequently accompanied to a leaving party for one of his mates - where I met my girlfriend Adessa - is actually a third-cousin. I don't know about you, but I think its kind of cool that I was brought to meet my love by a relation I didn't know of.

This week, much the same - had dinner with Dave again on Friday night. Tomorrow will probably go to another Couchsurfing meet up.

So - overall - feeling OK, really want some job security though, but more than that want to be with Adessa (in the same place).

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