Monday, 6 August 2012

10 Things I Love about London

I was going to start off by saying that this post might seem weird coming from me at the moment, but the truth is, you don't live in my head or feel my hurt - so that won't make much sense to you.

To give you a basic understanding, right now I should be back in London. But I'm not, cos I got dumped. So naturally, having radio stations going on and on about "London Calling" and then the Olympics on 24/7 is just rubbing salt in my wounds.

Admittedly I have started to feel a bit better about it all this last couple of days, and had this random thought that I should write an entry remembering the things I loved about London (rather than the irritations), kind of like a travel piece, like you might find in the New Zealand Woman's Day, written by Sarah-Kate Lynch (- which I find mildly entertaining especially because the readership of that magazine aren't as into travel and stilettos as the magazine thinks they are). The other reason is, I know I did a similar thing when I came back from Japan, but I don't think I really did a London one.

So, in no particular order -

1) I would go to the all-you-can-eat Pizza place in Bayswater, next to Hyde park. Specifically for breakfast, because it's all you can eat breakfast, hash browns, bacon, sausages, eggs.

2) The Belvedere - £2 dinners - I'm not really sure now why I bothered cooking... and the bangers and mash were divine...

3) Morrison's, about 9pm - just before closing time - when I could pick up some food for half price - such as bacon hocks etc

4) Public Transport 24/7. As much as I would bitch about the Underground being out of service, it really was forward thinking, having an underground train network that is 100 years old is pretty impressive, and there would always be some bus going near to where you needed to go at any time of the night.

5) Underground trains - in principle. Tunnels, maps, bridges, and obsolete train stations and stuff are cool.

6) My Acton flat. My room was small and cosy, and upstairs, not unlike a tree hut.

7) Some good people that got me through the hard times, Scott, Luke, Adrian, Campbell, Suzanne and Bevan, to name a few.

8) Magical Tours - without them, I wouldn't have had the funds or motivation to see some of the places I saw.

9) Pound shops. Anything for a pound.

10) Touch rugby - oh how I loved playing you. And you gave me the best body I have had in ages.

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