Monday, 22 April 2013

My Random Bucket list

Over many years of lonely nights and long journeys, I have come up with several bucket list things I would like to do - none of them are particularly dangerous, but they are a little crazy.

To set the scene, I will tell you a story of one that I just ticked off this weekend.
- Shower myself in confetti
Back when I was a student, I had saved up hole-punchings in a plastic container. Eventually it was full, and to prevent it being opened and making a mess I sellotaped it up. Currently I am tidying my room, and I came across it, and decided it needed to be tossed out (I'm attempting to be brutal) but decided I could get the enjoyment out of it and get rid of it at the same time. So I closed the bathroom and toilet doors from the hallway (as they come off in a little alcove) to isolate the mess, and then just let it rip, and vacuumed up later.

Another one on my mind at the moment, with all the rain we have had this weekend is
- Grab a rugby ball and do huge 'Hollywood' tries in the park next door in the mud and rain. 

Related to that one is this, below.
- Dance in the rain

Another which I intend to do shortly, I have even gone so far as to buy the popcorn is:
- Make popcorn, but without the lid on the pot, so it goes everywhere, and try and catch some in my mouth
Actually I asked my sister if Jordan, her dog, whom I am baby-sitting this week, is allowed to eat popcorn, as he could help me clean up. Turns out, it might make him a little constipated.

- Drive a super car
When I was at Big Boys Toys I got a pamphlet on a company that does that at Pukekohe or Hampton Downs, or somewhere local to Auckland. Suzanne and Bevan had done a similar thing in the UK, and I was keen once I got there, but never got around to it, and wasn't ever in a flush state of economy. I could totally afford it at the moment, however have decided I will use it as an incentive/reward to/for losing 10kgs whenever that happens.

Anyhow, that's a few for now, I will add more when I'm inspired/reminded.

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