Sunday, 16 June 2013

Meddling with Mediocrity

So it's been a while since I wrote a proper entry about my life - hopefully you have enjoyed the variety and change of scenery, I certainly have.

It appears the last entry dealing with my doings was in late February.

Well as you may have gathered from the title of that entry, it was a really hot long Summer, which was nice, as my Summers for the last few years had been pretty average. Mid-March the Hamilton Gardens had an Italian festival, which was nice, especially with the hot weather, made it all the more genuine.

Later that week I had an audition for Footrot Flats - The Musical. I subsequently got a part in it as Boris the Boar, and late in the second act, as the man. Since late April we have had rehearsals 3 nights a week, so I have been kept busy with that.
We had our stocktake at work prior to Easter which was OK, best thing was the food Mum & Dad put on for lunch.

Suzanne, Bevan, & I also went to Stations of the Cross at Hamilton Gardens around that time, which was good.

Easter I ended up just going to Papamoa with the family and chilling out, despite my big ideas about going up the Coromandel, or kayaking down the Waikato river, because I figured I'd left both too late to organise, and with the river I'd require a support crew (and Mum and Dad would be at the beach).

Mid April I did a walk along the rivers at Ngaruawahia, with some people I had previously climbed the Hakarimatas with. That was quite interesting, and not so tiring.

Around that time I went to a couple of seminars through work which was nice, made me feel valued and professional again.

Queen's Birthday weekend I didn't get up to much either, Suzanne and Bevan were moving out of their house, so I helped a little with that.
This weekend was the Annual Agricultural Field days. I enjoyed it, and ended up spending over $300. I had been keen for a while to get a decent pair of steel cap boots for work. Similarly I had toyed with the idea of a camelbak for a while. Later on when I came across the Kukri stall I decided to bite the bullet and get a Waikato jersey, as it would be nice to have something to wear to a rugby game etc, and the Waikato jersey I have now is from when I was 14, and about 71kg, so it is rather skintight at the moment.

So, for the near future - is mainly my play coming up. Once that is over I intend thinking bigger picture, getting serious about getting healthy, sorting out a trip somewhere, and moving out of home, either going flatting, or buying. At the moment I'm in a prison of indecision, and I have a London-sized chip on my shoulder.

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