Monday, 23 February 2009

Fear & loathing in Los Angeles

Hey all, since its been about 23 days since I left home, I should at least make a start on writing up some blog entries. So naturally we start with LA...
Got there after the 12 hour plane trip. Went for a little walk. I had slept a little on the plane, but not heaps, so by 7pm I was ready to sleep. However I then woke up at about 1am, and couldnt go back to sleep, until 5am, and then slept to 9am. The next day I tried to get my phones to work, but no avail, so had some lunch and checked out the beach, including biking down to venice beach. That night I went to an acting class held at the hostel, but it was a little bit airy fairy for me, seemed more like the lady liked the sound of her own voice. Anyhow, what annoyed me was we had to do some relaxing exercises, and I had my money belt over my shoulder, (being a good safe little traveller) and she told me to take it off, so I clipped it to the chair. Anyhow when I left the class I forgot it, and when I later remembered, and returned, it had gone. Naturally I s#@t myself, and we called her (and only got her answerphone) anyhow, the following morning she called, and it turned out she had taken it home (not knowing who's it was, obviously not remembering events as I did) and she dropped it off that night, despite my subtle hints that I would rather have it as soon as possible (as I would have liked to have headed somewhere else by that stage) so I had to stick around LA for another day .

Anyway, made the most of it and did the Hollywood etc tour, which showed you Venice beach, where the stars live, (at Adam Sandler's house the gate opened, but it turned out to just be his groundsman) Rodeo Drive (very pretentious shops, I was walking around in my Canterbury of New Zealand t-shirt and shorts) and Hollywood (which doesn't seem all that cool now) and nearish to the Hollywood sign. That night, in my room came another a guy from NZ, so we went out for a drink.

The following day, I got a bus across town to the train station, to take me to San Diego.

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