Monday, 19 October 2009

Bratislava, Slovakia

While at Vienna - I did a day trip to Bratislava - which is in Slovakia - which for those not in the know, is part of the former Czechoslovakia (which has split into the Czech Republic, and Slovakia)
The day I decided to go, I woke up slightly later than planned, so decided to do it via train, rather than the bus - which was still pretty cheap -11 euros return.

It took all of about an hour, or an hour and a half to get to Bratislava. Once I got there I headed up the nearest hill, as there was a Russian war memorial there.
From there I walked down the hill to the Bratislava castle - which was closed - one for maintenance works, but also because I believe the day I chose to visit was also the day the museums close, which was a pain. Anyhow, I walked around the grounds, admired the scenery, as it had a good view of the rest of the city, including the old town on one side of the river, and then the blocks of flats on the other.

I then walked down from there to the old town - and across to the church - which also had a crypt, although not dark and full of bones like the one in Vienna. Next to the church was the Jewish Holocaust memorial. I then proceeded to check out the sights of the old town, such as the various comical statues, and the Blue church.

As demonstrated by this picture, which was cleverly disguised as a sightseeing picture - and if you look at the 'supposed' subject, its kind of ironic - Slovakia lives up to its reputation for beautiful women, even mentioned in the Lonely Planet. It just seemed as though the girl to guy ratio was very good, they were all young, and also beautiful.
Before hopping back on the train I decided to buy some diarrhoea medication - I figured that a chemist would understand, and the word would be universal, turns out, not so. It ended up the lady at the desk rang her daughter to translate, slightly embarrassing, considering her daughter was probably a hot 20 year old.

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