Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Munich, Germany

From Salzburg I got a train to Munich- which wasn't much more than an hour away. Once I got there, naturally I went and found the toilet, which was 80 euro cents to use - you could say it was a bit s....., they were taking the p..... you get the picture. I then found the tourist office, and found out where my hostel was, and walked there.

I was the first person into my room, so I claimed the best bed, ie the inner-most bottom bunk in the inner room. I went and had some lunch of a hamburger and a beer - the hamburger was literally the patty. Shortly after me at the hostel came a kiwi girl, who ended up had been to medical school with one of my mates.

I went downstairs and used the internet for a bit, to catch up, and transfer over some money. While I was doing that, I got talking to an Australian guy. After finishing up, me, the Aussie, and the Kiwi girl went down to the Oktoberfest grounds- the tents were already full, so we ended drinking outside, at a carousel bar thing, and generally checked out the grounds.The following day, well lets just say I don't remember much of it.Lowenbrau - 'Lion Brown' LOL

The following day I did a walking tour of Munich, and then got a bit lost afterwards, doing my own little tour.The next day Anthony, the Australian, and I went on a tour to Neuswanstein castle. The tour guide was great, but the castle itself was a little bit of a let down, as they only let you go through the rooms that were finished which was about 5-7 of them, and you can't even climb the tower.When we got back to the hostel, there were no cheap rooms left, when we had left in the morning we figured we wouldn't have any trouble getting one as Oktoberfest had finished, not so. We ended up pacing around Munich in the rain trying to find a couple of beds, but ended up back at our hostel, and managed a discount on a twin room which was still expensive for us, but better than the street.Anthony was also heading towards Denmark and Sweden, so we decided to travel together as long as it was convenient. So the next day we head to Stuttgart, to enjoy another beerfest, albeit more locals, and cheaper prices.

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