Thursday, 11 February 2010

...and into the 4th decade

I woke up to the smell of a birthday McDonald's breakfast, faithfully bought for me by my lovely sister. What I had not really remembered was that I really had turned 30 about 15 hours before, probably about the time I was waiting in the queue at the Reichstag. I'm not sure whether it was then, or later in the day, I rang my mother, and probably also my Grandmother.

I had an interview in the afternoon, so on the way Suzanne, Bevan, and I had lunch at Wimbledon.

Later in the day Suzanne headed off to Iceland with friends, so for dinner Bevan and I went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen for dinner - a formerly New Zealand owned burger chain, before meeting the other flatmates for some drinks.

A few days later I had an interview back at the call centre, and started a couple days after that - worked for a week calling customers to let them know of an upcoming sale. During that time I had my party for my 30th at a local pub in Putney. I then was without work for about 2 weeks before being called back by the call centre for the same campaign, but taking inbound complaints, where I have been ever since, to the time of writing except the 9 days I was in Turkey (although in the last couple of weeks I have been working on Toyota, dealing with concerned customers re the latest recall.)

Since just before Christmas a former workmate from Swine flu has been staying in the same hostel, and since Christmas we have been in the same room, more recently we moved hostels as we worked out we could have a room to ourselves, and be 2 stops closer to work, for £20 cheaper a week.

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