Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New years resolutions 2010

New Year's eve (or possibly as late as New Year's day - somewhere on the mini-bus in Cappadocia in Turkey) I wrote down some New Year's resolutions, I've decided to put them up here as I figure the best way to be held accountable to them is to display them publicly. Not only that but in a few year's time I can look back (like I have been doing recently) and evaluate my success at obtaining and maintaining them.

1. Get Stable in London
Basically this one refers to getting a decent paying job with more security, which in turn allows me to get a flat and then generate savings, which in turn I can concentrate on spending on travel.

2. Get fit
A usual one - had varying degrees of success with this in the past. This last year was reasonably successful, mainly from playing touch rugby, so I intend to repeat that pattern.

3. Eliminate Swearing from my vocabulary
Another usual one - one day I will accidentally swear at an old lady on the phone when someone scares me or something.

4. Only chase girls that are worth the heartache.
2009 was rough girl-wise, basically kiss them and then they'd run away. So now its a case of risk vs. return.

5. Be more talkative to everyone, not just girls.
Since finishing High School, I haven't put much effort into making guy mates and talking to them, as I've concentrated on making up for lost time (5 years at an all boys school) and making guy mates is natural anyway. However I have been told that it is noticeable.

6. Generally be more charismatic/effervescent
Not sure how to go about this without compromising my honesty, integrity, or genuineness. Then I also try to be more talkative, and get told I'm intense, so I can't win. Whatever

7. Keep my integrity
Despite my current economic situation.

8. Stop having McDonald's regularly for Breakfast.
Its just so nice and convenient - and if I'm not prepared in the morning its just so easy... in recent weeks I have been better at this. But my waistline is giving me away.

9. Don't drink alone
I'm not a huge fan of drinking 'just for fun' anyway, but because I'm living the life of a solo rider, and its a social lubricant, occasionally I may do this. I just don't want to become more involved with it (not likely anyway) nor risk the subsequent temptations.

10. Go to bed earlier/at a decent time
When you live life to the full its hard not to burn it at both ends. But more sleep would help my sanity.

Anyway thats me being honest with myself and the world. I've let you into my head and heart, so please don't be a dickhead about it with the information I've given you. Admittedly I may change my mind at some point and remove them.

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