Thursday, 11 March 2010

Marks & Spencers vs. Marx & Engels

Just an allusion to the observation I happened to make a little while back to myself - that I can see how London inspired Karl Marx to write the communist manifesto - as at that time it was at the height of, and the centre of the industrial revolution, and even now, working for £7/hour with no job security conditions have seemingly not changed so much (that's a gross exaggeration, but I had to have a witty title, and then justify it.)

So since last time...

I went to a 'meet up' group - a group of randoms, who are invited through a website to go to various things. This was the first I could actually make (at least had the energy to go to) - it was at the STA travel office in Piccadilly, basically talking about Thailand, which was interesting, especially because it was all about the part I didn't get to. A friend was also there, and we had a good catch up, and enjoyed the free beer and snack food (Thai themed - even down to the Tiger beer).

The next night I went to a Cashflow club meeting - Cashflow being the game that Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad et al fame invented. Fun, and actually made me think hard etc.

On the Saturday, after work, Suzanne and I decided that a mission to East London was in order to enjoy some Corn Beef (or as it's known here - Salt Beef - corn beef here is spam). It ended up being a 4 hour round trip, but it was tasty, and I got to spend some quality time with her, so it was all good. That night I went and had some drinks with some friends.

The following week doesn't seem to have been all that busy according to my diary, but I'm sure it's lying. The latter part of the week I did some overtime while it was available, Saturday working until 5, which was also the day my roommate left for Truro in Cornwall. I was looking forward to having my own room for a little while, however late Saturday night found they had replaced him pretty promptly.

Sunday I went and celebrated the above mentioned friend's 40th birthday with him, Suzanne, Bevan and other mutual friends at a Italian restaurant on Bond street, which was nice.

This week then, Tuesday went to a travel buddy night courtesy of TNT and Top deck - which was good, mainly just chatted to the girls sitting next to me, and enjoyed the free beer. Also discussed a little with the Topdeck people about a possible trip to Egypt.

Wednesday, yesterday, went and played cashflow again.

Tomorrow night - attending an Egypt information night, then Saturday is the TNT travel show, which I spent the best part of a day at last year, (that was just reconnaissance and freebie collecting,) this time I actually have some travel deals in mind, so may be there even longer.

Sunday I duly noted there is a spit roast at the Redback on Sunday afternoon, so will try my best to make it there too. Next week also is St Patrick's day...

Not much else to report, slowly ticking off the to do list, sorting myself out so quiet times at work are productive, that sort of thing.

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