Friday, 6 August 2010

Carry On... London

Well, its hardly a 'Carry On...' movie - not enough innuendo for a start.

Anyhow... So, Thursday, went to another STA Travel thing, enjoyed the free beer and nibbles, and intend going to the next one too.

On the Friday, went along to a pub in Chiswick to watch England play Algeria - I was secretly backing Algeria - the end result was 0-0, which I was happy with, as the English were mighty peeved.

Saturday - birthday BBQ for Luke, Suzanne & Bev's old flatmate.
Sunday - caught up with some of the people I went to Normandy with - whilst watching the NZ vs Italy game. The end result was a draw, which was very pleasing, as Italy should be quite good at Football. To celebrate (3 of the 4 of us were Kiwi's and the other was an Australian - or as they liked to ride our band wagon - an 'Australasian') we went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen - which was originally Kiwi (apparently one of Bev's cousins knows the guy or something like that).

The following week started with a couple of interviews, and ended with 3 nights of hanging out with Merinda (the previously mentioned partner in crime), having drinks, attending the Proms, and then a BBQ at our mutual friend's on Saturday followed by a comedy show.

The following Wednesday I went along to a taster evening for a language course provider - learnt a bit of French - enjoyed the free nibbles & wine, and then went out for a beer with 3 of the classmates. I caught up with the same guy on Friday night for a beer as well.
On the Saturday, Merinda and I went out to Greenwich on the Ferry, which was cool, walked around etc, checked out the observatory, and then went through the tunnel under the river, and proceeded to walk back into town, however decided a bus was required for part of the trip. However we did walk a decent way along the river from Aldgate to Temple, and rewarded ourselves with a a pint and an L&P.The next day I went to a Ceroc Beginners class, which was kind of fun.

The following week - Touch rugby at Wandsworth park on Monday (this is the casual game with predominantly South Africans, rather than the competition I play in Acton), Dinner with Merinda Tuesday (it was supposed to be a run), Thursday I caught up with Peter, a guy I used to teach with in Japan, 3.5 years ago.
Peter & I October/November 2006
Peter & I July 2010.

On the Friday, one of my workmates was leaving, so we had lunch and leaving drinks for her, and afterwards Merinda and I went and had Sushi at a place she recommended, which was good.

And the next week... Drinks with Merinda again, with some friends of hers, and then Korean for dinner. That weekend I went to Windsor & Richmond Park, but I'll leave that for the next one...

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