Sunday, 15 August 2010

From Shakespeare to Dudes in Dresses.

The following week was uneventful until Thursday, when I caught up with my old friend from Japan times, Anandia. We had limited time, as I was working until 5pm, she was in Knightsbridge, and I had to be back at Southwark at the Globe by 7.30 to watch 'The Comedy of Errors'. I ended up leaving work at about 4.45, got to Knightsbridge about 5.30, and we decided the quickest way back was to walk to Sloane Square, and tube it to Mansion House, and walk across. That plan actually worked quite well, got to spend time with her, so it was awesome.I figured I would do what I did in an earlier entry with Peter, and have some Now, and then photos... above is July 2010, below November 2006. Also featuring in the photos below are Eita, Noriyoshi, and Anandia's flatmate who's name escapes me - in Kyoto.The Comedy of Errors was good too - the awesome thing was standing watching it in the open air on a Mid-Summer's Night (see what I did there)and thinking that it would have been just same 4 centuries ago, except of course when a jumbo jet flies overhead.

The next morning I had an interview with the Wandsworth Council, which I think went well, however I didn't get it, mainly I believe because I had to give my current job a weeks notice.

I caught up with Anandia & her boyfriend Pat and some more of their friends that night at High Street Kensington at a Piano bar - where you would request a song, and the guy would play and sing it. It was a good night, just a bit of a mission getting back to Acton. Saturday was spent sleeping it off, and perfecting the tidyness of my room (which has returned to its default state unfortunately). That night I went and had some drinks with Scott and his flatmates, ending back in Acton at the Redback. Sunday I went and had a BBQ at my friend Sharon's, who lives just up the road from here.

The following week, I had an interview at Price Waterhouse Coopers, I didn't get it, and am yet to get feedback on it - I have asked several times already.

Friday I worked a little late, then walked to Cannon Street, as I remembered as it was the last Friday of the month, there would be a Couchsurfing language exchange meeting- which there was, so I chatted to a bunch of randoms. Afterwards I convinced several people to walk with me down to Temple to the Southerner (as it was closing the following night). I did add a disclaimer that it may not be open, and, it wasn't.

Saturday, I got up, and headed back to the scene of the crime - the Southerner, and watched New Zealand beat Australia 49-28, while chowing down on pies. After the game I went home, and later went out, up to my workmate Tara's, had a few drinks, and then we all went to a club in town, which was kinda cool. I called it a night however, while it was early enough to get the tube home, otherwise it would have been a real mission.

The following week was very quiet - self-imposed, due to not knowing when my job is finishing up, and mainly because most of the people I would hang out with were away. However on Thursday I went to a Topdeck evening to inquire about some trips, but it was a little depressing, as I was too poor to take it seriously, and my job is ending on a unspecified date. Friday I had some drinks with my workmates Tara & Charisma, Saturday night was Scott's birthday, once again concluding at the Redback. Sunday I went back to the Redback and had some of their pig on a spit - it was going to be lunch, but ended up being dinner, by the time it was served.

So finally we get up to the current week. Fairly similar to other weeks, Wednesday went to an all-you-can-eat pizza thing at Hell's pizza, awesome, got to have L&P, and gourmet pizza, any day involving that's gotta be good. Today, Sunday, We had our last game of touch at Acton. Virtually none of our team could make it, so I managed to gather a bunch of friends to play, and then also some random substitutes as well (including some half-drunk dudes in a dress and shark suit respectively). We lost by a ridiculous margin, and I probably shouldn't have bothered, but I was determined on getting a try at Acton before the end of the season. Oh well some things aren't to be.

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