Friday, 6 August 2010

The House of Windsor, a park of Deer, and a Very Long Walk

So Saturday morning, (17th July) I got up reasonably early and got a Overground train to Richmond, to catch the train to Windsor, that Suzanne and Bevan would also be on. Because I was about 30 minutes ahead of schedule, I popped into a pub to catch the score of the NZ vs South Africa rugby game just after half-time, we were winning, and ultimately we won it (although by that stage I was on the train). Suzanne let me know which carriage they were on, so I got on that carriage, but for the first few stops we were at opposite ends as it was a bit crowded.We got off the train at Windsor and Eton Riverside, and walked to the castle, and had a bit of a look around it, luckily we timed it well to catch the changing of the guard. Because it's actually the Queen's official residence, there are limits to where you can go, however, I thought it was alright, a lot better than Buckingham Palace - more castle-like and less pretentious. There was Queen Alexandra's doll's house, which was quite interesting - essentially a realistic model of a house/mansion, complete with lights on -not made to be ever played with of course. I don't have a photo of it - well because you're not allowed to take photos of it, as the light would damage it apparently. The other interesting thing at the Palace was the St George's chapel, which houses the banners and seats of the Knights of the Order of the Garter.
So after looking around the castle, we went out and found our friends Christine (who we grew up with) and Chris - had a small wander - past Eton (the posh prep school where the likes of Princes William & Harry went, and ultimately to a pub for lunch. I had a Chicken Jalfrezi curry for lunch, awesome.After lunch we did the 'Long Walk' - which is it's actual name. Basically its 2.65 miles long, in a straight line through Windsor Great Park from Windsor castle to the statue of King George III. From my understanding, the Park is probably where the Queen rides her horse and walks her corgis, although I saw neither. At the castle there was a picture of the Queen with her scarf over her head (as old ladies do), me and Bev made a couple of jokes along the lines of 'who's the homeless/Gypsy lady?'Anyhow, the next few photos are to give you an idea of the length of the walk (in modern language its 4.26km.)Apparently at the end of it, while we were resting, I dozed off for a bit. We then proceeded back (another 4.26km walk) had a drink at the pub, and then went on our ways.The Following day, Suzanne, Bevan, & I, met up with our cousin Maria & her kids at Richmond (where I had worked at the call centre for the best part of 6 months) and had a nice picnic lunch in the Deer Park (hence the photo). Afterwards, I walked back to the station, went and spent some time at my mate Scott's, and then walked back from his house to mine - which actually didn't take too long to walk.

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