Thursday, 26 September 2013

Naqalia Resort

The next morning got up, had breakfast and ready for the boat to take me to the next destination.

I said farewell to the people I'd met, some of which had been there the whole two days as well, and in the case of a particular hot Dutch girl, had been on my yacht cruise as well. I'm happy to say I got a farewell hug from said hot woman. What happens is a small ferry boat takes you out to meet the big catamaran. On this day the catamaran had broken down, so it was about an hour late, so they had taken me out, then returned me back to shore to wait again, before eventually going and meeting the catamaran. At the time I was sad to go, as at that point that was the Fiji that I knew.

Anyhow, a short time later we arrived at the group of islands where my next destination was located. I transferred into the ferry boat, which was less substantial than the last - the last had a roof and stairs etc like what I remember  of the Whitianga ferry, whereas this boat was a glorified whaling boat. It was also a reasonable distance to my resort.

Since my boat had been delayed, I didn't have to wait too long before lunchtime, and until then, the Fijian guys were watching a Super 15 game - which just happened to be the semi-final I had gone to watch with Graham at Waikato stadium this year - the Waikato Chiefs vs the Crusaders. 

I read, slept, and later had a big snorkel in the bay in front of the resort. Later that evening I played cards with some of the others staying there - it was a reasonably small place, low key, and quiet.

Over night there was a storm, but it had died off by morning. After breakfast we went out on one of the boats to a reef to see and swim with some sharks. Unfortunately, due to the storm the night before, the sea was quite choppy, and once I got out there I vomited several times before I could get into the water. The sharks weren't particularly scary, they were maybe a metre long and not so interested in humans.

We headed back in for lunch etc. As part of my package I had another activity to choose from, I would've preferred to have done a kayak, but with time constraints etc I decided it was easier to join the others climbing the hill. It was a bit of a mission, mostly probably because of the heat. The guide started to piss me off a bit too, as he was a little bit pushy and kept asking questions like how much do you weigh etc, when all I wanted to  say was shut up, let me do my thing and we'll be sweet.

Once we got down again I jumped into the shower, clothes and all, as my shirt was soaked with my sweat anyway.

So again, dinner, cards, and bed. The next morning I had a quick snorkel before breakfast, and did a bit of a walk after, before boarding the boat again.

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