Wednesday, 25 September 2013

South Sea Island

This is the moon, about the time of Sunrise - approximately about 5am.
After an early getup I got picked up and taken to somewhere else, and hopped on a big bus destined for the port. I ended up being seated to a hot Ecuadorian girl named Jessica, and had a fantastic chat with her. Unfortunately we weren't heading to similar places. 

After checking in at the port, it was a short boat trip out to South Sea island. By this stage it was still only 9am, and all the day trippers with their kids arrived at the same time. I went hard and did the free activities that were on offer - first off was a glass bottomed boat, which was a good concept, but didn't allow great photos. Straight after that I did a snorkelling safari, which was basically been taken out to a similar location and snorkelling along the reef.

By this stage it was roughly 11, and therefore lunchtime. Lunch was nice, a BBQ, including fish, chicken skewers and a sausage, plus some pineapple and melon and rice.

I followed that up with a sleep, and later did a snorkel right around the island - which isn't very big - before happy hour. Met some of the other people staying there and tried out some of the tropical cocktails. This was then followed by dinner, again delicious and in great portions.

The following day was the yacht trip. First we had to catch the ferry to Mana island, where we boarded the Sea spray. They took us to Castaway island - where Castaway starring Tom Hanks (and Wilson, who they made a big deal of) was filmed. The island was complete with "HELP ME" written with coconuts - which I thought would've not been allowed as a plane might take it as a genuine plea for help. We got to hang out there and snorkel for about an hour while they prepared lunch for us.

Lunch was awesome - barbecued fish, chicken and sausages.

We then moved onto the next island which had a village, where we had a kava ceremony. The guide asked who would like to be the "chief" of our group - I noticed at this point there weren't many males in our group, so I offered. We walked into the village, which was interesting, it reminded me a lot of when I play "Pirates" on the computer, sailing around, entering towns etc. anyway, we had the ceremony then went to have a look at their stalls where they sold necklaces etc. despite some cultural significance, To be honest I'd have rather sailed somewhere else and made better use of the afternoon.

We then sailed back to Mana island (whilst making use of the free bar as much as possible without making myself sick) at Mana we transferred back to the catamaran and back to South Sea Island.
Sunrise, as mentioned above

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