Thursday, 26 September 2013

White Sandy Beach

The further north you go, the dodgier the boat it seems...

We were welcomed at the next resort with a drink, which was ironic, as after that the only free drink was at breakfast times. Shortly after we got there, it was lunch time - lunch was savoury mince and noodles, which I devoured as it was the most normal thing I've eaten this trip, not that the other stuff isn't nice, just it isn't as familiar. On my boat with me was an Australian girl, which has been a lot rarer than I expected, so far I have only encountered one other Australian, and no other kiwis, bar the hens party that made up a portion of our yacht trip. Anyhow, she didn't eat all her lunch - to be fair, the Fijians give us huge servings, especially the carbohydrate portion - and it took all my self control not to ask her if I could finish hers.

After lunch I read and slept, and later had a snorkel, although it took a bit of effort to get out to where it was decent.

The next morning after breakfast we went to swim with the manta rays. We spent virtually the whole morning snorkelling, but unfortunately did not see any. The quality of the snorkelling was ok, but not the best so far.

We returned to shore for lunch, and then due to getting a bit burnt I wasn't in a rush to get back out in the sun, so I just slept and read for the rest of the day.

The next morning I had hoped we would have the chance to try to see the manta rays again, but it became apparent that that wouldn't be the case, so I went for a walk over the hill to Honeymoon bay and had a snorkel there - which was actually very good snorkelling. I couldn't muck around there though as I needed to catch my boat north at 11:45.

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