Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fakes & Posers

Much of the next two weeks was pretty boring, applying for jobs and the like. However in the middle weekend we went to Madame Tussuad's on the Saturday, and the Tower of London on Sunday.

Madame Tussuads was OK, but again, the wait (anticipation) and cost wasn't so worth it - it was only fractionally better than some other wax museums I'd been to (namely the Beijing one). That night we went out to a pub for dinner, which was nice - I had a curry, which are done really well over here (not saying they aren't elsewhere).

Sunday was the Tower of London. That was pretty awesome - castle-like, and a lot of history, as well as the crown jewels (even though I aren't into bling).

The following Friday I went and did the London eye and Dungeon (as my Madame Tussuad Ticket included them as I figured it was cheaper to buy the deal. I chose to do them on Friday, as that was the first fine day (for the London Eye.)

The Eye was good. The dungeon was OK too, but it was different to what I was expecting - I was thinking it would be like the Tower of London - but it was more of a Theatrical History ride - which in retrospect was interesting - Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, the plague etc. Along the way I passed Southwick cathedral, I hadn't heard of it before, however it was nonetheless interesting. I decided also to go to Borough Markets, a food market - so going back there when I have money! Mushroom pate (ie no liver) and a salad with gherkins that they melt cheese onto. I made do with free cheese samples and a German hotdog with sauerkraut.

The next day Suzanne & Bevan moved out of where we were staying (our cousin's husband's Aunty's house) into their new flat. I decided it would be a good idea to go and stay at our friends Christine & Chris's for a week - the first night there being a party we were attending anyway.

The following week I had an interview, and had a bit of a look around afterwards.
The next weekend was the TNT travel fair - which was cool. So much food for thought, and freebies. I met up with the girl from speed dating for lunch, and we went to the Camden markets - note to self, go again when not so many people, ie not a weekend. After that, I headed back to the TNT fair, as I hadn't quite gone everywhere. I'm glad I did, as I managed to score several free t-shirts - which was handy as I only had brought a limited amount with me to London. The thing from the fair I am real keen to do is a kayak trip around these islands in Sweden - they provide the kayak and camping gear, and there are thousands of islands - which are public property.

The following week I was staying in the lounge of Suzanne & Bevan's new flat. I managed to have four interviews that week. After one I went to St Paul's cathedral, which was huge, and awesome. After another, I went and had a look at Nottinghill - which didn't seem much like the Hugh Grant movie.

On the Saturday we flew to Ireland...

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