Monday, 9 March 2009

London, What!

Hey there, thanks for your patience, finally we get to the London leg of the journey.

So I got to London, 10am in the morning (London time) however I hadn't managed to sleep at all on the plane. Suzanne met me at the airport, and we headed back to the flat to drop off my luggage (which wasn't the easiest to lug around on the tube and around the stations. Anyway, had lunch, then headed to the bank to activate my bank account, which was an interesting and mildly entertaining time while fighting sleep and nearly nodding off. Anyhow, we made it home, had some dinner, watched part of the first episode of Flight of the Concords (before nodding off) and then went to bed at about 7.

I was up again at 6 or 7am which was quite nice, but during the following week I would end up waking up at about 2 or 3am, and not being able to go back to sleep. Naturally this meant I could last until just after dinner time, before crashing.

Anyway, that next day (Friday) I got up and went with Bevan to his work, which is basically just round the corner from Buckingham Palace. I took a few photos before quickly getting bored with it. Next I walked towards and past the Big Ben, where then you cross the Thames. On the other side of the Thames was the London Eye, and I got talked into going to the "Moviem" basically a museum of some props and sets from different movies. To be honest it was OK, but not worth it when you work out the cost in NZ dollars. I then walked past most of the other Bridges along the Thames to Tower Bridge, and had a late lunch with Suzanne.

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