Sunday, 8 March 2009

Jamie goes to Hollywood

So I made it to Hollywood, about 6 or 7 O'clock. They were doing a BBQ for dinner, so I joined in on that. Later on they were doing a Limo trip around Hollywood - so I joined in on that too. I had a quick shower - couldn't spend too long in there as the fuse had gone in the room, so there was no light or hot water. Anyway, the limo trip was OK, can say I've done it - although we didn't really go anywhere spectacular. Afterwards I decided that I would go and check out the nightlife - such as the Viper room etc, on the Sunset strip etc. Turns out that's not as close as you would think - so I didn't really make there, instead I did a bit of a fast food crawl - trying out several burger chains we don't have in New Zealand.

The following day I nipped down to the Hollywood walk of fame to check it out one last time, before catching the hostel-provided shuttle to Santa Monica - back to the Hostel I originally stayed in, for a night.

That night I didn't get up to much, and the next day I caught the shuttle to the airport. The shuttle driver was from Egypt, and was a great guy to talk to. And so, I got to the airport, hopped on the plane, and left the USA.

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