Monday, 9 March 2009

London, Rather!

The following day was Saturday. Bevan had hockey, so Suzanne and I decided to go to Hampton Court, as it was something Bevan wouldn't miss out on going to, as he had been there before (they had taken his parents there).

So we went out there on the train. It was quite interesting, the palace itself was OK, but I'm not really a glorified mansion guy, I prefer castles with moats, drawbridges, and turrents. However the grounds were rather amazing - huge considering the rest of London is so claustrophobically small.

There was also a maze - however it was reasonably small, and Suzanne & I managed to walk straight through it.

That evening was Valentine's, so I thought it only fair to let Suzanne and Bevan go out for dinner without me, so I went speed dating instead. It was quite fun - met 25 women, although there was 50 attending (natural instinct is why can't I meet them all?) After the main event it turned back into a night club, so I hung out with a girl I had been chatting to, but made sure I left early enough not to miss my train home.

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