Sunday, 8 March 2009

San Francisco

So after a flight of an hour or so, I landed in San Francisco, and caught the train into town. The hostel was a little bit of a walk from the station, but not too far.

Unfortunately the shuttle bus I wanted to catch to get back to LA doesn't operate on the day I wanted to catch it, so I had to take the one the day after I got there (rather than the following day.) I could have got a Greyhound bus, but it would mean having to travel to, and finding the depot, and paying a little more, where the shuttle was cheap, and door-to-door. So after sorting things out once I got to the hostel, I went for a walk to make the most of it, albeit being dark. I took a few photos, of the bridges - it was hard to tell which was which, as they (the Golden Gate and the other one) looked very similar.

The following day I took a quick tram ride to the Fisherman's wharf and back (unfortunately not enough time to look around it) before hoping on the shuttle to Hollywood.

The shuttle ride was interesting, although I did read and sleep parts of it - such as going through snow covered mountains - which I believe were the Sierras.

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